Thursday, February 26, 2009


OK! For all those who care, Morris and I have set the date! May 22, 2020.... Just Kidding. It is May 22, 2010. We are getting married in Florida. There is this cute little resort that will do the whole thing for us, we just tell them the colors and show up. I will be putting out more details as it gets closer. I am trying to be excited!!! (spending money is fun, if you have it)

We are looking at the cost of accommodations because this is a destination wedding for most of us. There are a lot of options. Also, because we will be in the greater Orlando area, there are options for some to turn it into a family vacation. The hotels all have free shuttles to and from the major theme parks like Disney, Universal, Sea World and Bush Gardens.

We are planning to send out "Save the Date" invites by the end of this summer. How FUN!

OK, I think that is enough rambeling for today.

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