Monday, May 11, 2009

School and More...

We have had a busy couple of weeks at our home. April started right off busy with Jordin turning 1 and having 2 parties... One kid friendly (I think that there were 23 of them in and out that day) and the other for the Mom and Dad and brothers. She was toooo cute. But, for all of those who may not know, her birthday was on conference weekend. Yikes! Lots of movement to get that party for her. Then the very next weekend was Easter! Wow, I didn't even hide eggs this year! What a bad thing.... Bummer. But it was all made up for at Aunt Carol's home. They did a nice little one for the kids... Fun!

All the fun did not stop there, the next weekend we were busy attending birthday bashes for Rhea, and a baptism for Marshall. Then, the NEXT weekend was my birthday!! Then next thing you know it is the end of the month and the work began on the kitchen!

So, as I finished my finals this last week I am glad that our kitchen remodel should be done by Wednesday!!! For those who don't know, we are fixing the kitchen up right and the work began on Thurs April 30. So, I have been sans kitchen for nearly 2 weeks now. But I am excited as it has all come together nicely. All that is left is putting in the cabinets and counter tops and then plugging in the appliances.

Then on Friday, I just learned that the new furniture set that we bought was discontinued and we had to go back in and pick something else! Talk about frustration!!! It took us a month to agree on what we picked and they wanted us to pick something else by Sunday (which is Mother's Day) and let them know!!! Has the economy really gotten that bad?!? So bad that in fact you would force someone to change their minds in 2 days on a major purchase like this?!? Frustration.

So, as time winds down for me to graduate, I just found out that I have not been approved for graduation!!! That in and of itself is utterly ridiculous. I am set to graduate at the end of the summer and someone in the school messed up. I was told that I was a Sophomore!!! I have 140 credits. So, it would appear that there is an error....

BUT ANYWAY!!! I am now studying for the MCAT's to be taken in September and awaiting to hear from Baylor, Harvard, and Yale. I am hoping for Baylor!!! Keep those fingers crossed for me! If I do get accepted to Yale, I would not even have to move as I live about a 30 minute (on a good day) commute from campus. I don't know what will happen but I am excited...

But, it has not been all bad. I got great Mommy's day gifts from my children and was able to relax on Sunday in places outside my house. It was nice and warm out and I was glad that finals were over. Marcus has been in therapy now for about 3 weeks and is making great progress. He now actually wants to take on extra (and age appropriate) responsibilities and we have found that an egg timer is all the motivation he needs to complete work and chores! YEA!!! That means less yelling and frustration for him and us!! Thomas is getting better and they have decreased his medication for both his allergies and his asthma. He still has to have an inhaler with him but for the most part, he looks as if he may be growing out of it a little bit!!! Super excited about that! The come little miss Jordin! She is absolutely hilarious!!! She walks around like she is on a runway... ALL THE TIME! Then, she stops and places her hand on her hip and starts talking babble at you. Shakes her head yes and then grabs food from our boxes and throws it around the house. Poor Morris, he gets the dubious task of cleaning after her. Then, when he is cleaning up (the best part to me) she claps her hands at daddy and says her version of "YEA" really loud, almost yelling it!!! Very funny.

The best news of all to post is that Morris is now off his Blood thinners and has lost a total of 25 lbs since he started this long journey to better health! Yea! This means that he can eat iron rich foods that will help him loose more weight and better control his diabetes. I am super excited about that. Now I get to tease him about all those great granola eating habits that he used to pick at me about! So, I guess that this is about all for one post!

I just hope everyone has/had a great Mother's Day!

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